Libraries for the future: progress and development of South African libraries

Bothma, TJD, Underwood, P and Ngulube, P (Eds.) 2007. Libraries for the future: progress and development of South African libraries. Pretoria: LIASA. Pp. 230.

Table of contents


Foreword by the Minister of Arts and Culture - Dr Zweledinga Pallo Jordan


Chapter 1: The cultural heritage of democratic South Africa: An overview - Henry C. (Jatti) Bredekamp

Chapter 2: The development of South African libraries in the 19th and 20th centuries: Cultural and political influences - Archie L. Dick

Chapter 3: Library and information service structure in South Africa - Ina Fourie

Service delivery

Chapter 4: The National Library of South Africa - Joan F. de Beer

Chapter 5: Current developments in public libraries in South Africa - Sally L. Witbooi

Chapter 6: Academic libraries and the second decade of democracy: Critical issues and challenges - Gwenda Thomas

Chapter 7: The conundrum of school libraries in South Africa - Genevieve Hart & Sandy Zinn

Chapter 8: Challenges facing special libraries in South Africa - Beulah Muller

Chapter 9: Information resource centres in South Africa - Maritha Snyman

Current and future perspectives

Chapter 10: Libraries, literacies and learning: Retrospect and prospects - Karin de Jager, Mary Nassimbeni & Peter Underwood

Chapter 11: Library and information education and training in South Africa - Dennis Ocholla & Theo Bothma

Chapter 12: National Council for Library and Information Services (NCLIS) - Matabole D. (Rocky) Ralebipi-Simela

Chapter 13: LIASA 1997-2007: Background and recent history - Clare M. Walker

Chapter 14: South African LIS futures and the tale of the fisherman's wife: Can we predict and create positive change? - Christine Stilwell

Annexure 1: An overview of South Africa - Peter Underwood

Annexure 2: Acronyms and abbreviations