About us

The acronym stands for Development of Information Science in South Africa and it names those national education and training network activities that were initiated in 1997 by Professors Irene Wormell and Peter Ingwersen from the Royal School of Library and Information Science in Copenhagen, Denmark. The aim was to create a nation-wide platform to support the advancement and internationalisation in LIS research in South Africa, meeting the demands of a new country.

The project received financial support from DANIDA, the Danish International Development Agency, for a period of three years, 1998 - 2000. Twenty PhD and Master students were selected for participation. Each year the network organised two advanced researh courses of one week's duration each, consisting of lecturing and seminars given by leading international and national professionals. The praticipants also recieved advice and coaching in preparation of articles for publishing in international journals or conference proceedings. Every year the best two student papers received an award, which was a travel grant to pursue their research work at universities other than their own.

The original DISSAnet project functioned under the supervision of a Standing Commitee, consisting of the two Danish professors (mentioned above) and two local professors, Professor Theo Bothma, University of Pretoria, and professor Rocky Ralebipi, University of the North. At present the project is managed by Prof. Theo Bothma; he can be contacted at tbothma@up.ac.za.

In addition to organising the biennial ProLISSA conferences the aim of the project is to promote scholarship in Library and Information Science in Southern Africa and we therefor strive to electronically publish research in this field. At this stage we have published the proceedings of the two ProLISSA conferences (2000 and 2002) and the SCECSAL 2002 conference. The latter proceedings are published in cooperation with LIASA.

The articles of the proceedings are published in PDF format and each article contains a full set of metadata according to the Dublin Core Metadata Schema. All articles can be viewed, downloaded and printed free of charge.

The financial support of DANIDA to set up this website and organise the ProLISSA conference is gratefully acknowledged.